Every day more modes of technology are being invented. People are throwing out the old and going with the new. This means that we have to update our technology every so often if we want to keep up with the Jones!

Let us use televisions for our first example. They started out as big boxes with antennas. Now you can purchase a high definition 3D television. There are many different types of televisions out and none of them include an antenna or a big box! There is also the technology of computers. These also started out as big boxes. After that they went to slimmer laptops. Now they are called tablets. These tablets do not include a keyboard because they are completely touch screen. The cellphone is another great example. They started out looking like house phones and now they are slimmer than ever. Cellphones also started out with antennas and now have them built in to where you cannot see them.

As you can see technology is changing at a very quick rate. Over the years technology seems to get smaller and small but also work better. So next time you are in your local electronic store, make sure to check out the new technology!